Various bugs (screen effects sticking, LOD issues etc.)


I've found a few bugs.

Bug #1 - FOV and screen effects sticking

Reproduction steps part 1 (screen effects):

  • Be in pre-match state.
  • Aim down sights with a scoped weapon.
  • If you are doing the above when the timer runs out, the scope effect will carry on to the actual game.
  • The effect will remain on your screen until you find a weapon and reload / aim down sights again.

Not sure if all scopes are affected, this happened when using an ACOG iirc.

Reproduction steps part 2 (FOV):

  • Be in a match.
  • Get killed while you are aiming down sights. (FOV gets narrower as zoom is applied)
  • Then spectate a player or your duo partner.
  • The FOV that was on your screen when you died will be your spectator view FOV.

Expected result would be to have the same FOV when spectating as your options are set. (Mine is set at the max 95)

Bug #2 - Texture LOD issue

  • I'm trying my best here to describe the location, so bear with me.
  • This happens at the base of a broken-in-half ship hull. There are tank traps littered around and the ship is kind of nose down in the ground.
  • The game seems to draw the long-distance LOD mesh on top of the actual ground texture even when you are on the spot, so there is kind of a ghost texture at knee height which you can walk through.
  • I have my textures set to low, but iirc this also happens on medium textures.

(I'll try to find the exact location and edit the post later in case this is not descriptive enough.)

Bug #3 - Getting stuck to a tree

  • I can't find an up to date map of the game online (could the devs upload one please?), so this is also a shot in the dark location wise.
  • The tree in question is in Zalesie.
  • When you approach the city from east to west, on the southern side of (possibly) the south-most large building, there is a tree which will "trap" the player.
  • If you touch the tree, you cannot move or jump out of its' grasp. If you try to move, the view will kind of jerk back and forth as the game was lagging, while in reality it is not.

That's all for now. I've had two cases of 0xC0000005 Access Violation crash, but the reports have been sent via the crash reporter. Any update or insight regarding that kind of crash?

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@tonos Thank you very much! Sorry for the late response! Escalated to the devs!

I'd like to add a couple of location related bugs:

These stairs at the quarry do not work (the player simply slides down them, and you cannot go up)

alt text

I got stuck at this point north of the Security Checkpoint (tried to jump onto the fallen tree, got stuck)

alt text