Graphics Issue

I've been having a graphics issue lately with BFG 2. Here is a clip:

Hey @PrimusPilus123, could you please tell us your PC's specs? Especially your GPU/driver? Thanks!

Hey @Jellyfoosh .
My PC specs are the following:
i9-9900K CPU
MSI Duke Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti GPU
Asus ROG Maximus Hero XI Motherboard
NZXT x72 liquid-cooler.
850W Corsair PSU

The current driver for Nvidia is version 418.81 released 02/04/2019

This graphics issue has only started occuring today while streaming BFG 2 and I haven't had any previous issues with BFG or any other game even while streaming. I use Streamlabs OBS v 11.14, which is the current version.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks @PrimusPilus123
Has this ever happened to you while you aren't streaming? It seems it might be linked to the streaming software you are using.

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I've never noticed this before until I streamed. Playing while not streaming, BFG runs fine.
Curiously I tried streaming another game with my streaming software (Streamlabs OBS) and the game was fine but my software freaked out.

I've passed the issue along to the dev team, but your best bet would be to stream BFG2 with a different software, or perhaps try it again after Streamlabs OBS has an update.

Thanks and will do!

Looking into it already.