Necromunda Pre-Alpha Closed Playtest

I'm definetly up for the next batch of testing

Hey guys! If you have anymore slots in the future I'd be very interested in participating 😁 I've poured many hours into mordheim and have been a gw fan for years. Having also played many hours of table top necromunda, old and new. My bro is still waiting for new redemptionists!

Should probably have mentioned I'm a pc gamer. My main rig is a desktop beast loaded with a gaming x 1080 ti. I can send specs of this if required for testing. I also have a solid msi laptop with a 1060 gtx.

@jellyfoosh said in Necromunda Pre-Alpha Closed Playtest:

Right now you can't apply for the next testing session yet. When we need more testers, we'll let people know how to join on Discord and the Forums.

How to join discord? Like which discord channel? It is disabled in the community screen.

Ready for the Next Test session Sir o7 !

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