Necromunda Pre-Alpha Closed Playtest

Hey everyone!

After a lot of hard work on Necromunda, we feel the time has come for a closed playtest to get important feedback from you, our community.
If you are selected, we will contact you with all the details you’ll need to participate.
This time around, we’re looking for a fairly small number of players. We will scale this up for future playtests, so if you don’t get picked for this one, you might still get selected in the future.


[UPDATE] Thanks for replying to the form, we have now filled all our slots! We will contact everyone shortly. Don’t worry if you missed out, we will have more playtests in the future, so keep your eye on this channel!

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The one day I'm off doing fieldwork this week and I miss this!!!

I hope i will recive this amazing e-mail 😃

Quick question even though it may be too early.
Is it going to be an early access like how you did with Mordheim?
Or is it going to be complete on release?

and how could we apply to a Alpha/Beta?

I liked Mordheim a lot and are willing to try and help for Necromundas Success

Will we have to fill out another form to apply for future tests if I missed this one, or will you draw from the ones who already applied first? Just curious about how often I should check. 1,400 hours of Mordheim is giving me a wicked jones.

@Quardak @Kindler Hey, we will initially draw from the surplus of players that applied for this one, and then we will call for more players from the forums and on Discord.

but its still a mystery how to apply ... raise his hand

Right now you can't apply for the next testing session yet. When we need more testers, we'll let people know how to join on Discord and the Forums.

Here is to hoping I get an email next time!!!!

Always up for business around here. If ya need a hand, i'll be glad to help

May have missed the chance to sign up, but at least we're seeing some level of progress now!

@naloac said in Necromunda Pre-Alpha Closed Playtest:

May have missed the chance to sign up, but at least we're seeing some level of progress now!

True. It's amazing news to see this announcement and it makes me root for some more news even more.

I really enjoy Mordheim and have been eagerly awaiting Necromunda since the initial announcement.I would like an email for the next selection of testing please
This is the game i am waiting for more than any other

Yeah, I have been watching the threads and hoping to see progress for a long time. I just made an account on the forums after I saw this posted. 400+ hours on Mordheim, almost every Warhammer 40k book ever made in my library and I have played every single tabletop and video game ever produced when it comes to Warhammer 40k. Regular Warhammer not so much and Mordheim is the first experience I have had with Warhammer and I played it as much as I could. I also have a life so that can get in the way a bit!!!! Hoping to see an AMAZING Warhammer 40k experience with Necromunda.

I am huge Mordheim computer game fan and would love to participate in the alpha/beta. Anywhere you can sign up?


just want to /bump this, it's a great sign the games on its way. I know I missed out but i'm still really excited!

I would really like to be involved in the PS4 play-testing.

I've been playing Necromunda (40k, BB, Mordheim also) since it was first out. I'm a sculptor, painter and designer and have been waiting for some form of computer version for nearly 20 years. Would love to be involved!

Could we please get a date on when we might get to hear something? Its already March 😢