Butter fingers/hands/feet...

Am I the only person that feels like your soldier is just the clumsiest soldier on the face of the planet? It’s not always terrible but god sometimes they have the hardest time doing the simplest things in regards to movement, climbing, jumping, vaulting, proning, etc... Just a slew of things if you ask me. No urgency in the heat of battle? I get my soldier was probably getting shit faced while I wasn’t playing and is maybe feeling a touch on the rough side? But Jesus. Like I said it’s not always that bad if you just do one simple task at a time very slowly but try to cancel a reload, quickly climb through a window, then prone and finish your reload lmao good god it’s painful... Just an example and that’s provided somewhere during that sequence you didn’t get absolutely stuck on a toilet or bathtub or sink or mattress on the floor. You probably got shot and killed because well let’s face it your soldiers obviously feeling a tad lazy or lethargic. I know that’s a lot of multitasking... Smh 🤦♂

Some aspects of the movement need some serious work.

Vaulting through something like a widow is very unreliable.
You can often not walk over little bumps and rocks that you can walk over in other situations.
You can often not jump over certain objects that are not that high.