[Feedback] My feedback on the Imperial campaign ending SPOILERS

I have to say that it really felt underwhelming in my battle against abbadon, and those chaos structures really didnt make it fun, i believe it would have been better if it was just empty space with maybe some defense platforms and;or space stations.
the allies we get during the campaign should have showed up somewhere in the middle of the conflict, which brings me to the final issue.

when i was fighting abbadon and the vengeful spirit i destroyed it so fast, i had the macrages honor with me, that i believe there was at least one missing dialogue while i had to manually press next on yvraines dialogue AFTER abaddons ship was destroyed with abbadons dialogues missing as well i believe.

the ending needed at least a huge interactive cinematic space battle like the end of the prologue with the silver dawn, this cutscene could be activated after abbadons ship hit a certain amount of health. and spire and abbadon, and maybe some other minor character to bring more life to it, shouting dialogues at each other in order to make the ending more epic like the first bfg armada, whose ending was quite epic.

and it goes without saying that the battles still felt small, some additional NPC allies would have been nice too.

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  • in comparison i have to say that the necron elimination mission was more fun and interesting

@kilroywh78 I agree, the necron mission was extremely well done, was an awesome mission

Only issue of the necron mission is that the time limit is hidden, so many players, including mes failed the mission without even knowing why.