Please fix Deldar

I’m epic ranked in Deldar, and they are currently my favorite faction, but please fix them. I love playing them as a hit and run faction (as I think they are intended to be) but that isn’t really as viable with the new patch. Instead, the best strat is just having them mindlessly brawl with the enemy. Because crit chances are so low I have no need to retreat my forces, I can deal more damage than I can take and win brawls. You should absolutely not be able to effectively brawl with Deldar, and I feel like this should be fixed. I would recommend bringing back lock on, and very slightly increasing base range, then I would bring the crit chances back to pre patch levels for them. This would ensentivise a more tactical approach to the faction, and make them less over powered.

how would this solve the problem of deldar just being able to stand there and shoot
they would be able to just stand there and shoot from 13k and then switch to reload at 9
maybe you didnt notice, but afk deldar have been the best form of them for a long time
long before the critrate change
so bringing it back wont change anything
and giving them 4k extra where they can just stand and shoot definitely wont make them less op

Before he crit changes an opponent would be able to crit things like generators (no more stealth), crit decks (destroy already poor morale) and crit engines to get rid of their speed. AFK Deldar didnt work nearly as well if the opponent made use of their abilities effectively. Mindlessly standing there Deldar would rack up destroyed systems, compounded by the lack of any sort of protective shield. If you nerf their defense without allowing them to engage at a safe range they won’t be viable anymore.

generator > you know they dont need stealth
engines > they dont need to move
decks > since they dont need any other system you can repair deck crits or keep your repair off cooldown for using rally instead
so no, crits would do nothing to the problem

afk deldar have been better then moving deldar for a long time
just because you realized this late doesnt mean the update made them like this
nothing changed in the update
except that you lost the illusion of aim being the right stance

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@ashardalon you cannot have a 18.000 range MWJ sniper admiral anymore, which was a safe way to deal damage without receiving any. it was easier to finish with a brawl, after you killed 300 points of ships from range.

@fosil so you agree bringing back lockon is a bad idea?

@Ashardalon I think they will need 13.500 range to snipe escorts (no 18.000 range admiral though), if you redesign them as a hit&run faction and nerf their brawling capacity. the same is imo true for all eldar factions. it would help if holo-fields would lose strenght by hits, so that you want to avoid sustained combat and if all eldar factions would get rebalanced around that (I am not against giving DE some holo-effect with this drawback as a trade for nerfed brawling capacity).