Hi, I love the game, but I find the stadium white-noise-like-cheering and vuvuzelas really obnoxious.

Right now we only have sliders for music, commentators and everything else bunched up as fx sounds, which includes important sounds, like final seconds countdown and punching elf in the face, but also less important, like stadium ambience.
I get it, stadium atmosphere and all that, but I just want to play some BB, while listening to my own music and also hearing important sounds, so it would be nice to have a separate sliders for stadium ambient fx and everything else, or maybe even split "utility" sounds from melody of elfs being punched and stomped into the ground, as I'm sure there are people who would like to switch those off too.

Also if it's not too much to ask already, it would be even greater if we could also switch off menu ambient sound of whatever that is (cabalvision magic?), while keeping the UI sound and especially THAT sound of opponent found, as I'm sure many of us keep BB minimised, while waiting for matchmaking and i.e. watch YouTube. Not a biggie, but still...


Edit: I would love to switch off the weather fx too.

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