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In order to help us fix bugs, sharing as much information as possible is key.

To report a bug or an issue with Fear the Wolves, you need to create a new topic and describe your issue in its name as short as possible.
For instance: A bug while jumping

In the topic itself you need to describe what you have been doing ingame before the bug / the issue occured.
For instance: I've jumped and couldn't move my character anymore.

In order to help us fix your issue, you need to provide us with screenshots and videos of the bug occuring.
If the screenshot is available on the internet you can use the button shown below to attach a screenshot:

However, if the screenshot is saved on your PC, please use the button shown below to attach it:

If you want to attach a video - just copy the link to the video into the topic.
For instance:<code_of_your_video> or<code_of_your_video>

If your game crashed

In that case you need to provide your .dmp-file, which contains all the necessary information about the crash; your DxDiag-file, which contains the information about your system, for example the name of your GPU and the version of the driver, and your config-file, which contains your Fear the Wolves ingame settings.

Where do I find my .dmp-file?
This file could be found under this directory:
Keep in mind that you need to change your_session_name to your actual session name.

Where do I find my DxDiag-file?
You can create the file by pressing the WINDOWS-key together with the R-key on your keyboard.(Win+R). In the window, that opens - type dxdiag and hit Enter. After that a new window opens and the diagnostics begin. After the diagnostics have finished - hit Save All Information... and save the file in your desired directory.

Where do I find my config-file?
This file could be found under this directory:
In the last folder you need to find a file called GameUserSettings.ini.

After you've collected all the files, please put them into a .rar-archive (WinRar) or a .zip-archive (7zip) and upload to your topic using the button shown below:

After your topic is created, we will review it and answer you (if we have a solution or some questions) within one working day.

Thank you and beware the Wolves!

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