• Anomalies

The game zone will narrow, creating anomalous zones that are dangerous for the player and have three levels of infection. The reduction occurs in several stages, each of which creates new anomalous zones (static anomalies, adrenaline and radiation), and also increases the level of danger of the previous ones.
Anti-radiation equipment and drugs give you a chance to survive in hostile zones, leaving more time to search for objects.

Static anomaly
Anomalies are almost invisible - be careful and look for strange effects around you. Not displayed on the map.
This is the first stage of infection.


Anomaly "Adrenaline"
Red dots in the air - a signal that you must run. Run as fast as you can! Walking is death.
This is the second stage of infection.


Permanently contaminated area. Do not go here, be careful!
This is the third stage of infection


Fungal Anomaly
Anomalous zones infected with spores are marked on the map from the very beginning of the battle. To survive in this zone, you must have strong radiation protection. Explore these areas to find high-level gear and spore anomalies that create artifacts.

0_1550352673253_anomaly fungal.png

  • Mutants

They live in quiet places throughout the Chernobyl zone, waiting for their victim to approach. It is not known whether they were created by humans or nature, but it is clear that they are always hungry.
The howl is an indicator that the wolves are nearby and ready to attack. Wolves always patrol the boundaries of the infected zones. Locations with high-level things are the habitat of wolves from the very beginning of the battle.


Wolf Matriarch
If you come across a Wolf matriarch, be careful: they are resilient than ordinary mutants and can summon wolves to attack you. They will always stay away from you to summon more wolves, so attack at your own risk. Killing a Wolf Matriarch allows you to extract her heart, providing additional protection.

0_1550016031283_wolf mom.png

  • Artifacts

Spore Artifact

The higher the radiation level, the closer you are to the artifact in the anomalous zone. Follow the pulsations to detect spore anomalies. Move gently around them and grab the artifact.
When applied, a spore artifact allows you to see opponents for a short time.


Wolf Matriarch Heart

You can get it by killing the Wolf Matriarch. Ordinary wolves will not attack you until the Matriarch Heart is with you and until you attack first. The matriarch heart has two charges with a recharge time. When applied, calls wolves to your location and they stand on your side. Watch your partner when you use an artifact, because it positively acts only on the owner of the artifact.


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