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What method did you use for bigger fleets?

@imperator Simple: I just cut the points of all ships in half = larger fleets. (But I only cut prices of Battleships by 30% because I'v made them a bit better and re-scaled the weapons of the game so that the bigger ships not only can take more damage, but also deal more damage while costing more than the rest of the ships. I felt that it was needed to get the feeling of truly mighty Battleships that matter more than the cruisers etc.) So in my mod you can have fleets that are twice as large with tons of smaller ships and a few larger ones, or just a small but truly powerfull fleet.

So far I'v modded all Imperial factions, eldar factions and Necron with tweaks etc to also make them feel more special. The sky's the limit as they say.

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How exactly does this script supposed to work? Installed the python library from their website, when i try to execute from a python console os regular system console it gives me errors in any variation, even tried to download and install the aes crypto library which gave me the error, destination folder doesnt exists, isnt it supposed to create it? 🙂 When i try that pip install cryptodome command, it gives me the error there is no such distribution, and the script itself gives line 5 module not found, and syntax errors, tell me if i doing something wrong, im pulling into console the script, type in decrypt and pulling in the file i want to decrypt and it gives me syntax error


That's how I would do it, but I was curious if you actually found out how to edit the files that determine actual point limits on deployments, that would be fun to know how.

@m-andris90 I suggest you first try:

  • installing Python 2.6 for windows. Use the pre-compiled x86 version
  • installing pyCrypto for windows.
  • Try running the .py now.

If that fails, please provide exact full error messages that you are getting and what did you do to get them.

0_1551004326101_try 1.JPG
0_1551004332880_try 2.JPG
after this tried to remove all traces of python, reinstalled the v2.6 found a precompiled library for the crypto part, still no dice the 3.7 version found a full cryptolibrary and installed it before v19xxx that solved the line 5 module not found problem.

@m-andris90 error was mine, all the time tried in the python command line console, while i was supposed to do it in regular windows command line console, thanks for vitmerc for helping me

I cannot read the letters in the csv files why is that and how can I solve them?
Any help will be great.

@silent-king They are encrypted. You need to follow the information in this thread to understand how to fix it.

@silent-king I assume if you want to edit battle size it's because you want more ships, easiest way to do that would be to reduce the prices of ships in UnitStats.

Abilities are also listed there, but I do not recommend messing with them, it will almost certainly lead to a lot of bugs and some of them may break your game.

@silent-king It's in the UnitStats.csv, but you need to decrypt it.
The guide is in the OP.

Making abilities infinite, or changing number of charges, isn't a thing we have experimented with yet. So cant answer that. And while it's certainly possible to change maximum points, changing ship prices is a simpler solution.

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Thank you for the respond.
One more question :
Can you give me a link to the guide and is it possible to change the fleet point and not the ship's point?

@silent-king I just said it's possible, it's just much easier to change ship prices.

The guide basically is the OP.
You need to open up the linked script in Python and input the relevant command lines.

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@silent-king Dude, it doesn't work that way. Either you learn how to mod the files by reading the comments in this thread that goes through how you do it, or you wait until people start releasing mods and then you select those mods that you think will suit you the best. Also having all ships cost 1 or 25 pts would most likely break your game.