How to pack custom models to be uploaded in a map to the workshop. (SOLVED)

i have been making maps for over a year now. i haven't put any up yet, because i just can't figure out how to package up the map(s), using outside models..
EX. when i see a nice model pack, i DL it, and add it to the editor Media folder, in the proper sub-folders. Okay, they show up in the Model dropdown in the Editor, and i can place them in the map, with no problems.
However, once i publish it it shows up in all the right places, (if i Do Not use any outside models) it will open and play as expected.
As soon as i add any other models to the map, i get " the missing or broken error". if i go back and delete all the outside models it will play just fine.. [it even gives the missing broken error in the proving ground]..
I've read just about every tut on saving your maps, and I'm just not getting something..
i have been reluctant to ask about this, it being what appears to be such a basic and simple part of mapping.
So i come to everyone asking for help, with packing my maps properly..
thank you in advance _RUFUS

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Look in the "Directory structure" section.
EDIT: In a nutshell, you need to COPY the XML files (classes, meshes), the model file (<model_name_here>.X), and all of the textures for EVERY custom object on your map into the matching directory for your map in the Media/_mods/<your_map> folder, THEN publish.
Clear as mud, right? 🙂

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thanks Mex! it doesn't say this but do I have to load all outside Mods into the (classes, texture, mesh) folders? Manually?

Yes. You need to manually copy all of the relevant files for each non-vanilla object in the entire map. So if you only use 1 custom object, you'll only need to copy the files for that specific object. If you have 10 non-vanilla objects, you'll need to copy all of the relevant files for EACH object.

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