Priority shooting on Drifting Hulk

I'm not sure that it was necessary to write here, but I think here you will quickly read. I want to talk about the fact that the ships continue to shoot at the drifting Hulk. What I would like when the ship became Drifting Hulk your ships automatically stopped shooting at it and switched to another goal, so that the game no longer perceived them as a hostile object, but we still had the opportunity to select it as a manual target if we needed. I will explain why I ask it. I had a game in which a full volley of my 3 cruisers Eldar with pulsars went into the drifting huck and not into the ship the target next to him
At the same time, I set goal 1 as a priority on another ship, he was in direct view but for some reason they still wanted to destroy the hulk, and my whole volley of pulsars did not go to the target that I wanted several times in a row. Developers can do something with the priority of firing guns so that they do not consider the Hulk to be worthy of number 1

Hey @Nikof135
Thanks for your feedback, I've passed this along to the dev team. 🙂

@jellyfoosh Thank you very much, I would also ask you to replace the effect and the name of the MWJ Eldar with the imperial effect on the effect of the Eldar retreat, otherwise the Eldar do not travel through the warp, they tear the portals into the web .
And it still seems like the tools are not always displayed correctly.!0_1550254897721_20190214015236_1.jpg

And there was also a funny bug, but only once, in multiplayer in beta mode, we had necron platforms and stations where they were for us and immediately captured some points