Again.. PLEASE fix the pulsars.

all i want, is to see the cooldown and to have control over what it fires at.
Even with hold fire, turning around, clicking on the ship i want to hit with frontal firing mode active, when i release hold fire it STILL fires randomly at everything in its path. No wonder hardly anyone uses them except for the battleship since its long range and easier to manage, but pulsar builds in general are just bad. How are you supposed to make use of a focused sniper style weapon when it hits random targets that each just take a hit to shields that will regenerate.

I agree with you, they need to either reduce the damage and increase the rate of fire so that they simply become analogs of the remaining Lens than they were, or come up with something else, to do this is a bad idea as in the first part, well, at least they added a small arch to them of fire In general, the very concept of death rays is stupid

It really is a problem yeah

nah they need a long cooldown or they just become lances.
What id like to see ideally, is making it a weapon ability like game 1, just like torps or launch bays, but with a right click "set to auto fire" function or something like that, so that if you want supreme control, you can have it.
Id also fix the arc so that while it can hit 10 degrees in front, it will focus on whatever is closest to dead straight first, so then when doing the turn ability which lets you pick your orientation you can be fairly sure what you are going to hit. I would also fix prioritisation in general, if you do a 180, and 3 enemies are within the arc, if you have one of those enemies set to priority 1 then that is the only ship that should get hit.

Even with cease fire, turning, facing the enemy i want dead straight, then releasing hold fire, it still just hits whatever is in the arc randomly, even with priority set on the target.

Theres no shortage of people complaining about eldar "melee torp cancer" builds, and i agree. So how about actually making pulsar builds workable, and maybe not have launch bays so damned overpriced for eldar in general so torpedo builds arent the only competitive option

Well, that’s what I’m asking them to do with just Lens shooting thrice as they really are, like Drucari Lance and the Arch of Shooting 90 forward, well, along with the decrease in damage, the autocast is not needed, the rays of death are not needed, and all the players were very surprised by their concept since the first game for pulsars Eldar

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I noticed this same problem, even with hold fire released once pointed directly at the target I would often see the pulsars shoot at something else. Then I realized later on that I may not have had that target selected as priority #1. Did you try that also? I'd be interested to know if having that selected fixes this, at least temporarily for now. Or maybe the extra skill required to use them effectively is an ok trade off, assuming we can get it to work.

Nope, cease fire, aiming at target and with it set as priority one is still random, its just broken atm

...Why make a second thread about this? There's already a Pulsar thread... You replied to it.

because the first one wasnt enough apparently 😛