Customer Support request

Is there a formal CS email address or something I can utilize to contact the company?

(I realize I will probably be ridiculed here or the post may be locked/deleted) I am looking for a formal venue through which to request a refund. Steam requires less than 2 hour play time, but it took me longer than that to get through the tutorial. By that time it was too late as capture points completely kill this game for me. The 'always zoomed in' aspect does not help but I can get over that. I just play on the slowest setting 100% of the time and micro manage everything during pauses. (don't laugh.. it is how I enjoy playing) Once I realized how the battles went and how the AI just did capture points instead of really fighting I realized it is too painful even after forcing myself to try to get used to it. (due to the 2 hours already being up) Anyway.. I just wanted to make one last attempt at a refund.

Hey @Apostolos
For complaints like this, we can't offer refunds, so you would have to go through Steam.

On the other hand, I can address your main concern with the game: You can turn off capture points entirely in the options. 🙂