Co-Op two mission Freeze.

So my buddy and I are trying to play Battlefleet 2 coop campaign and it works great for the first two missions. After the end of the second mission the game goes to a loading screen. We let it sit there for an hour one time and it just stayed there loading and laughing at us.

So at first we thought maybe the mission was broken so one of us loaded back in, did a different story mission and then invited the other to play. We then realized that it was after any second battle. One thing I noticed is that in the coop campaign tile on the top right after the first battle, even if my buddy was still in the game, it didn't show me playing with anyone else. But he could could join the next battle and even see the campaign map along with any fleet movements I made and vice versa. At that point I tried re-inviting him to see what happen and the coop player list never repopulated. Even during this the loading screen would still freeze after the 2nd battle.

I know this may have been posted before but I just wanted to offer whatever details I could to help fix the issue.


Hey @Tact0pz
This issue should be fixed in our next update which will come out very soon! 🙂