Issues I think DEVS should address or give option for

Been playing for awhile now, I am loving the game, but I am seeing a couple issues that I think would make the game experience all the more better.
1st - I am really tired of entering a game either halfway done or more, I think an option to join only matches from the beginning would be great
2nd - I would like to have the option to set a min. person game, I hate getting into a game with only 5 people on each team. takes ALL the fun out of it.
3rd - If an area is off limits neither team should be able to enter the area, I am seeing ALOT of people running ahead of the map even if the area is "off limits" getting around the Defenders and doing quick captures.... either get rid of the "out of area" all together or do not allow ANYONE to enter the area.
4th - I think the Helos are a little overpowered. they stick around for a LONG damn time, as well as AUTO targeting people, so no matter how well Im hidden (sniping) - I am dead no matter what, and it gives the kill to the Commander, something else I dont think should be happening. A way to fix this is to lower the time the helo hangs around, make the commander the one shooting/Change perspective to the Cannon shooter and force them to be the one looking for enemy players. and if not making the commander be the hunter , the commander should not be getting credit for something the AI is doing.

on another note I would like to see a few more adds to the game such as FACEPAINT for the Security detail rather then just beards/glasses.

If anyone else has any thoughts/questions/critiques on my post please feel free. and again these are my opionions but with these "fixes"/"Options" I think it could only improve upon the game

@paridonian 1-Not enough people playing currently...
2-Not enough people playing currently...
3-There are very important and for the most part obvious reasons these “areas” exist and are crucial to balance. Not saying they couldn’t use a little tweak as some are a tad tight but important nonetheless.
4-The heli’s effectiveness completely depends on both teams as the CMDR has to chooose where and when (which is also why he deserves the credit via kills and score) and the other team can quite simply shoot the heli down. It’s not that hard but if your team isn’t capable of defending against the heli then they should not benefit from this and should be punished (one well placed heli can change the tide - one well placed rocket can end that heli just as quick as it came...). This isn’t COD or BF and there is no room for player control of the heli’s nor should there be.
5?-I’m sure at some point after they have the game running to their intended potential they will start to consider adding a few more things such as face paint/masks etc...

Please do not take anything that I have written here as insult to you as this was not my intention I just whole heartedly disagree with most of your points! Lol

There are ALOT of players on this game, so your already wrong on points 1 and 2, I have seen alot, just not at the 2-7 am slots. - 3 I didnt say get rid of the areas completly as the map changes accordingly but if persons are NOT meant to be there at that time, and invisible wall should be put in place to 1 , make sure ppl are in the combat/play area, 2 stop ppl from taking advantage of a broken game mechanic. 4 - it takes LITERALY nothing to call in a heli, and let it do all the work, point and click, is not hard, the AI does everything including DODGING ROCKETS, I have heard that it can be done but have NEVER seen it in game, giving points to a commander for somehting the PC did, is dumb, and if you honestly think that... that says alot about what you think deserves points, ( no insult meant but I could not disagree w/ you more and am suprised anyone who thinks the PC fighting your battle for you is fair, to me thats like someone cheating and thinking theyre good at the game.) - I appreciate you taking the time to respond, but I honestly dont think ANY of the points you make were ...valid .. and I HATE COD , and cannot stand BF. I dont play them for a reason. also sorry for the bad spelling.

@paridonian First of all you did recommend the possibility of getting rid of that “area” all together and 3000-4000 players? (Do not know the actual numbers that’s what I see) at peak times is not by any means a lot of players you are sadly mistaken and people complain steadily that there are not enough people playing this game. People also complain they do not want to be put into matches in progress. While I understand that I have had my search for competitive and versus matches come up completely empty handed telling me there are no available matches. I would much rather be put in a match in progress then no match at all... So if and when there is a larger player base fine. Until then this is a silly feature for them to implement.

Next the fact that you have never seen a helicopter shot down or are incapable of doing so yourself says a lot about the lack of either A. Your play time or B. Your skill... I’m going to guess a little of both judging by just how you describe the games issues and your suggestions (invisible walls lol). I have on very many occasions seen people call in choppers and the chopper does absolutely nothing and leaves early (very fast lol) because the commander called it into an area where everyone is either inside a building or most enemies (chopper targets) are currently dead waiting to spawn which would be bad timing and or placement of helicopter on the commanders part. Happens often enough.

So I do not need the helicopter to get kills I do just fine without it 😉 but once again I have seen several failed attempts at a heli support call just as I have seen many successful and also quite a few choppers shot down. I will also add it is pretty rare that I die from helicopters not saying it doesn’t happen and it can be frustrating but you receive a fair warning that one is inbound and they are usually pretty avoidable unless you are laying in the middle of a wide open field to which even then I have survived multiple heli attacks out in the open. Maybe I’m lucky 😆.

Regardless saying my points are not valid? Lmao what you consider as suggestions, problems and or things in need of fixing is to me quite scary in general and make me fear for the success and longevity of this game as well as just the general type of crowd that is being drawn in. It’s not about giving the commander points for something the “pc” did lol the commander still had quite a bit to do with it as well as the observer. You sound like you might be a little bit butt hurt that you probably in actuality don’t use the commander role very well... Just being honest. Either way I hope for the games sake they don’t listen to your suggestions and you either learn to adapt or move along? Maybe give Day Of Infamy a try? Lol either way that is all I will say on the matter you take care now!