A possible solution for players complaining about small fleets.

I am okay with current fleet sizes, although i wouldnt mind if we had bigger skirmishes, but i ve seen that some people are not, so i had an idea, why not make it like total war.

In total war warhammer ( i dont know about the other total wars i ve only played the warhammer ones) there is an option that allows you to choose army sizes, you can go from small sized armies ( around 200 units i think ) to ultra sized armies ( 1,500 armies or 2,000 for races like the skaven / vampires) , lets make the same for BFGA at least for single player, let it be the opion to have small fleet battles ( 400 points maybe ) and large fleet battles ( 2.5 - 3k fleets) that way you can have epic battles if you choose to, in a 3k tyranid fleet battle you could have 12 cruisers and 3 battleships and you could be fighting a 3k imperial fleet that would easily have 15 /16 cruisers thats 30 ships , sounds like a good number to me, and it wouldnt be mandatory so player could choose their prefered battle size based on their taste or pc performance.

im sure they will add a larger points option for private matches or vs AI fairly soon, maybe even with titans available.
But they wont ever add it for ranked MP, simply because a fair number of people struggle to run 2v2 with 1k fleets already, thats why its in beta still because they are asking people to rate the technical performance ever each match to find out if its ok with everyone or at least the majority before replacing 600 points 2s entirely.
I do think there should also be an option in campaign to set maximum leadership values yourself, but keep individual fleet capacities around 1-1.2k

Apparently the devs are currently aware of the desire for such a feature.

I was hacking it into the game in the launch version, believe me, in campaign mode massive fleets are bloody hilarious.