Can we please have an option not to join games in progress?

Just now, I tried to get into a game but the matchmaking algorithm kept dumping me into the same Firefight match, which was already 2-1 and into the final round. Maybe it's just me, but it's really annoying to wait in queue only to get put into a match that's, for all intents and purposes, over.

It would be nice to see one of two things happen to stop this:

  1. Change the matchmaking algorithm.

  2. Give players the option to be placed only into matches that are waiting to begin.

@skillet There needs to be more players first I’m thinking!

Fair enough, but I'd still like the option for when that happens.

I second that, at least in the way so you don't enter games that are almost finished. I even got thrown into Coop matches where the team was defending the last cap already, so there was no way to join the game anymore.

Planetcanada is correct and there is not enough people. I hate it also. Most of the time I get put in games where the team is getting rolled and people start rage quitting. Its a crap situation to be dropped in, but the game has to fill those spots. All you can do is try to make a difference.

@mlb7 I would rather be put in a doomed match in progress than see this message which I have more than once (no matches available).

@planetcanada yep, the population is low. They need to update amd run a sale. Imo.