it was facing strait at the target
i rushed strait forward
it is set to 0k front
at the last moment it veered off
0k forward is not 0.5k broadside
i dont want my ship to veer off and circle at 0.5k
i want my ship to move forward towards the target forever, never veering off, always moving forward towards its target
fix pathing please
this isnt what it is supposed to do
there is no benefit to setting a ship to 0k front only to have it go broadside
its not the order that was given
would you be ok if a ship that was set to 22k broadside just randomly decides to rush forward and ram things?
this is exactly as bad
ships are following orders that where never given and not following the orders given

nids are in a bad enough condition without having to guess weather or not your ships will follow your orders this time