Kroot Warsphere bug - becomes flagship after battle start

When selecting a Tau Protector fleet, if it includes a Kroot warsphere, the warsphere will become the flagship automatically. It does this even though a different ship is set as the flagship in fleet builder, especially since warspheres are not allowed in the flagship position in fleet builder. This bug is easily replicable and happens every battle start when certain criteria are met.

In the seen picture here, the light-cruiser was suppose to be the flagship but it changed to the warsphere when the match was started.
alt text

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Apparently this bug is not specific to the Tau either, all ships that are not capable of being a flagship now force themselves into the flagship position after battle start even though they are not in the slot.

It seems it is activated by the non-flagship/mercenary ship being the highest ship class of the selected fleet, which for some reason automatically makes it the flaship.

Bug affecting Orks
alt text


Could you send us your fleet file where you have this issue please, I can't repoduced it 100% on our side.
It should be located here : C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\BattlefleetGothic2\Saved\SaveGames\CustomFleet

Here are the fleet files for the Orks and Tau. Although the bug persists no matter how many times I delete and make a new fleet with a similar build. This bug only seems to affect Ork big roks and Kroot Warsphere as far as I can tell. I have also encountered other players with their fleet affected in the same manner so it is not only me.

0_1551219078846_Kroot War fleet.sav

0_1551219094975_Throw a rok at em.sav

UPDATE: It appears the newest patch has fixed this bug although I'm unsure. I wiped the saves again after the patch and it seems to work normally now. It is still an issue that this can happen with old saves though.