Nerf the shotgun

Its a laser from any range. It is by far the most powerful weapon that has ever been used in a small arms conflict. There is no damage drop off at range that I can tell.

maybe damage drop at long range but that's all I would do

The nerf is the fact that only (at least in co-op) two people can possibly use it at any time.

It's a beast, but it's not that hugely powerful. Just really good in the hands of those that know how to use them properly. Can't tell you how many times I've used shotguns in the game and managed to end up bottom of the scoreboard purely to forgetting to reload, missing shots and the huge pain in the butt it is to have to rack a new shot in that takes a bazillion seconds (at least it seems to when you're being swarmed).

Besides that, the only thing that makes it OP is flechette rounds that tear through armor and slugs that make shotguns a little more long range. I don't use slugs in co-op as they tend to be useless (or rather... not a tactical move) at short ranges.

It’s good for close range but make it so you can’t just kill someone who just spawned with full health from 100 meters away