about necrons firepower in PC game and miniature game

some day i watching miniature game necrons fleet's stats. and compared with PC game stats.

alt text


alt text

hmmmm? escort ships are same, but line ships are halved?

i try find more. as a result, most of weapons in battlefleet gothic armada 2, their DPS are highly related to miniature game's firepower. mostly, its 1:1.

alt text

i didn't find all but found little exception. heavy bombardment cannon, maga kannon, and eldar weaponry.

soooo, the conclusion is most single lightning arc and gauss particle whip's DPS is 2, but escort's weapons per DPS is 1. actually no problem.

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I did the same and compared the shipstats of the pc game with the stats of the boardgame and I found that it was surprisingly equal.
I think you forgot to incorporate the shots fired/weapon cooldown/damage. Especially for Necrons it was very close to the boardgame.

Maybe check this again and come back with what you found.