Corsairs beta feedback.

Its not a pulsar buff if you increasing their cost. Right now the difference between Shadow and Vaul is 71 point which is huge. For 71 point you loosing two cannons with 3 dps each, but gaining 3 pulsars which is harder to use and have 5.25 AP dps each. Also Aurora light cruiser is only 21 point cheaper then Shadow. Now you can take 4 vauls or 7 (!) shadows.

tl:dr There are no point to use anything in Corsair fleet now besides Shadow spam.

So you may either increase Shadow cost (which I would prefer) or decrease cost of ships with pulsars.

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they did similar price increases for AM ships with lances. this counteracts any buffs more or less completly.

idk why though but the gothic seems alot more powerful now despite the lances being more expensive... making them cheaper might create admech spam

the gothics lance batteries have half instead of a third of the dps of a macro battery with 25 DR reduction, bonus crit-chance and perfect accuracy. at 13.500 range against a 67 armor target, it will hit for 3,48 hull damage per broadside compared to 2,97 for two macro batteries. against a 83 armor target it is 2,52 vs 1,53 at max range. it still does less shield damage and the macros perform better at close range (the lances have better crit chance until 4.500 when they become the same), but for the first time in my memory there is a niche use for the gothic compared to other imp cruisers.

Yeah I don t understand increasing damages and increasing the cost at same time. Either it needs a buff so just increase the damage or its fine so do nothing, doing both just leads to anything