Despoiler's heavy hangars

Despoiler's heavy hangars still counts as simple hangars on beta.

to be honest @Plushanubka having a 379 pt battleship with the same amount of hangar power as a 391 (custodian) pt battleship with 200 more shields 400 more hp and almost double the dps is kind of a bad deal for the latter... not to mention that when comparing to the emperor the despoiler simply craps at it even without the hangar bays

Custodian brings 3 escorts. Although Despoiler DPS have a part on both sides when custodian can front fire with everything. Not sure Custodian is subpar vs Despo or Emperor

This isn't a custodian thread.

They should just scrap the double deck bay idea and give the Despoiler extra normal hangers.

Emperor has better side dps than the depoiler, 15 insteand of 11. That a very big difference. Despoiler's prow dps don't make up for this at all. 2 more hangars may be a bit too much but one more seems ok.

I don't know about TT but in the lore olders IN carriers (Despoiler is an very hold IN stuff improved by Chaos since then) had less direct firepower and more launchers. Chaos usualy field more carriers with more launchers.

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