Grav cannons crash game with fatal error/ victory

Grav cannons crash game with fatal error
got a 1050 TI , I3 skylark processor rig is a couple years old. I normally do not experience crashes in the game, only once in a great while, but now Anytime I Play or VS admech, either the game ends with be being victorious after the grav cannon goes off or crashes my PC. Im guessing myself or the opponent get the fatal error depending on the circumstances, seems to happen faster if you stack grav shots, the more you have the faster the effect happens. Let me know if there is anymore I can report on.

Note : If you can give me an email I would like to forward you the logs, I dont feel comfortable posting the zip on forums. Also I work in IT, and wouldn't mind helping out in testing if needed. Let me know.

@wind459 it is stated in beta feedback discussion on steam that the fix for this problem is already found, just not yet implemented in beta