Account reset

I bought the game on steam last october and got to about level 20 or so on multiplayer (codex on), as well as completed the campaign. I recently reinstalled the game after a reformat and now my account is completely reset, multi and single player (obviously losing the MP levels and all the grind that entailed is the most frustrating). I still retain achievements earned on steam despite this.

Is this normal or a bug? anyway to fix it? i certainly don't want to grind it all over, especially if it will just reset again next time i reformat.


Hi @eRoN !
You can access your saves files by checking your game folder (I guess it was most likely reset too right ?) or by checking directly the steam cloud.
If you didn't enable the steam cloud to access your game before deleting the save, it will be impossible to retrieve your former game.

Ah thank you, this didn't occur to me. I enabled steam-cloud and my old data was restored.