Campaign cosmetic customization?

Hey, first off thanks for making an actual good 40k game and porting it to console!

My question is, for Skirmish/multiplayer you have a HUGE variety of customization options which I love. I played with the Dark Angels for hours. But are you able to this to any level on the campaign? With all the replayability it would be nice to change the looks of the characters. Im not talking about Items, Cards or new members as thats part of the progression but can you change the cosmetic looks of the characters as you unlock them? Right now its just a Blood Angel squad but I want it to be my blood angels squad! That way when i loose assault marine A or heavy weapons guy B, its not just a generic marine who i dont even remember the name of. I want to spend a few hours playing with your guy that starts with the assault cannon and change the assault marines so theirs a bigger difference than one guy has some chains, another looks pretty stock and one i think has some purity seals or just fabric on him.. In a way its like ghost recon wildlands when they finally let you customize the ai teamates. Even though you cant change the names or weapons or anything but it changed the game from me and 3 ai guys to actually learning their names and have outfits matching.

Maybe Im not far enough but i hope you dont go 3/4 of the game to get a new shoulder plate or boots with a different design.

So can you customize your blood angels to any extent you can customize them for skirmish, i know you cant change names because of dialogue or cards and weapons, i just want them to be my blood angel group and mess with all the power armor modifications. And im one of those guys that really wants his officers to put on a freakin helmet. I know none of them do it in the stories but thats what i mean by i want them to feel like my squad. Maybe id remember his name or stop wondering which assault marine got destroyed cause they look so much alike.

Sorry if this seems like me complaining or if its already in game and i missed it. Im not dissapointed at all. You have a great create a marine setup that would go perfect in story you can play multiple times and i just want to use it more, instead of spending 4 hours making a squad for skirmish then never playing it because i like the structure of the campaign more than just a single map. Even the colour changing! I know it wouldnt happen in universe but it would be cool to have them all in gold as sanguary guards.

Thats my question/suggestion since google is telling me nothing about customizing the blood angels in campaign other than weapons/cards and new characters


This question was never answered and I own this on the PC and PS4 and would like to know. Thanks.