Game crashes in Skirmish and Single Player Campaign

Can't really seem to pin point the reason but it seems if I play the game for longer than 30 minutes, the game tends to crash and always happens whenever I fire torps. Ques are too long so I can't tell if it happens during actual matches as well.





Sidenote: In the fleet editor for multiplayer all ships are displaying 75 shields and 75 hull.

Other than that really like the boarding changes. However the tooltip for boarding isn't clear. It sound like boarding does 1 hull damage, instead of troop damage. Would be cool if you clarify it a bit more.

Good job with changes otherwise. I don't feel like a scum no more for picking SM in multiplayer

Hey @Tigerlord40k, thanks for reporting this, glad you like the boarding changes! Are you crashing 100% every time you fire torps? Regardless of how long you've played?

@jellyfoosh Seems to consistently happen on the second multiplayer game I play or second fight I play in single player. Basically I can't play more than two rounds back to back without restarting my computer.

@Tigerlord40k All right, thanks for the info. Could you please provide us with your DxDiag and crash log? Thanks!

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