Love the game, but some aspects that need attention

Reload speed is too slow when you are in a bind. Whats even slower and worse is the transition from primary to secondary, even with that ripoff of a "quick draw holster"... i can sling a rifle down and grab a pistol quicker then that and im not even ex-military lol.

Some of what i will list here you are probably aware of:

  1. Hands disappearing
  2. Body appearing charred and bloody after being burned then respawn

What are you basing your opinion of the reload speeds being too slow? In my experience, the speed reloads are pretty spot on for an average person under stress in a combat zone.

Same with the transition to secondary. I don't use the quick draw holster in game, so I don't have a good idea of what the speed of that is, but the normal transition speed seems pretty reasonable.