New call to arms

I don t feel the new call to arms is a good thing. It removes the stance, share CD with orders and bring so much debuffs that your ship is useless and an easy target and only for partially removing the boarding damages.
A good player will not stack a shit ton of boarding but will use it 1 by 1 to force you to stay in call to arms for a long duration.
I think it would be better if either it becomes a real stance without debuffs but reducing the boarding damages for 1 or an order that don t remove stances and give 1 boarding damage resist for all stacks when the order is sued

One landing will not do you much damage in the corpse so that you can use the call to arms, and I think that the call to arms with debuffs is good because it gives a chance to fleets of board members who are usually worse than the linear ones to withstand you, although I may be too would remove the impossibility of reloading-support shields with him, I would add debuffs to other orders as it was in the desktop, while orders give acceptance but, for example, when you brace you fired less and could not use AFF with LCone could not reload the order