Hello, I've tried a couple matches with the latest beta patch and I have to say that I really like the new boarding mechanic so far!

  • Hulking is still an option, but it can be somewhat countered and it is no longer instant. I really like the fact that the player has to choose between countering boarding and maintaining the ship's efficiency.
  • I also like the fact that Necrons can regenerate crew points, this means that despite having half the number of ships compared to the opponent, the crew value to destroy over the course of the battle is kind of the same. If the next patch gives the Necrons a way to deal with their critical damage issue, I think that they will finally be the elite faction that they should be, without being too powerful. I think that making Pyramidal reconstruction a default admiral ability would do the trick.
  • I like that now Admech is more focused on long range fighting.
  • I'm not a fan of the Eldar torpedo change. Instead of reducing the number of charges on torpedoes this much, I think that it would be nice to make torpedoes appear as soon as they are launched, rather than when they are armed. This way the opponent would have more time to react. I'm not the best of players, so my opinion might not be the best one on this subject.
  • The despoiler double flight deck doesn't work, the squadrons launched from it are of normal size instead of double. I also noticed that number of launch bays was reduced by one. I'm not a fan of this change. Right now, there's no reason to pick the despoiler over the retaliator.
  • I think that Chaos lances need a damage buff. Maybe even a critical chance buff. Their good range is almost irrelevant. The opponent can close the distance almost unharmed.
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