Picking up stuff


First of all I really enjoy playing your game!
I just want to adress a matter, that's really annoying (and also was in the first part): picking up stuff from the ground is a real pain in th a... I see so many people die because they are not able to easily pick up a grenade and therefore have to try a dozen times until some enemy comes along and kills them in the attempt. Happens all the time! Myself included, of course... This is not a matter of player's skill. The pick up just does not work properly.

Another bug (I think it is one) is, that you do not start with full ammo when using a shotgun. You always have to run to the car in the beginning of a game to get from 41 shots to 49. This is also annoying...

Thanks for listening and for the graet game!

Best regards

The ammo thing also happens with rocket launchers and bolt action snipers. It's really annoying...