2v2 Multiplayer vs. Friends

Do we know if this feature will be added in the future? I know there has been some interest in 2v2 tournaments for this game, but right now it seems impossible. That feels like a large and unintended limitation.

I'd love to get this feature as well. It feels actually kind of crazy that we can't do it, since the regular multiplayer is doing it literally all the time. I've got 5 other RL friends with the game that I'd just love to be able to do some 2v2 with, but the last time I asked this question no one had any real answers... 😞

It's crazy. Devs are speaking about pvp seasons and whatnot but you can't even organize a tournament with commentary. It's make no sence. If you want a durable multi community it's way more important to give people the tools they need to make that happen than trying to do it yourself.