Drifting hulks scuttle without warning, Campaign

Hey guys, I've been playing a bit of Beta 2 in the campaign and I've been noticing that often drifting hulks will explode without any warning; no red circle or anything like that.

Usually I wait till I see the circle before a boost my units out but what's been happening is that the "drifting hulk" tag will just disappear and the ship will explode, taking my fleet with it.

If there's any more info that would help let me know, I'll try to get a video and attach it if possible.

Hey @Valius_Forta
Thanks for letting us know about this! A video would be hugely appreciated, thanks. We are looking into the issue.

@jellyfoosh I managed to get a video of it happening last night, and have uploaded it here!

Thanks @Valius_Forta
We have sent the video to the dev team.