Why increase recoil when being suppressed?

It made the recoil inconstant so I don't know what the recoil will be in the next gunfight.

Actually, that is realistic. In gas guns a suppressor will increase backpressure and therefore recoil. Unless there is an adjustable gas block which could be used to decrease the amount of gas going into the system (silly to model this for a game unless going for total mil-sim), then this is realistic behavior. Velocity of the billet would also be slightly increased.

Games that pretend that suppressors don’t increase recoil and bullet velocity in gas guns are usually because the devs don’t know much about guns, or are bowing to pressure from producers and executives who don’t know much. If you add in ammunition changes (subsonic, supersonic, bullet weight changes) then all sorts of behaviors change.

Mechanics that penalize you for being shot at and missed need to go. The game should reward the first player that lands a shot, not the first player who clicks. Increased recoil is one of the more forgivable mechanics because you can learn to compensate it. RNG sway from running or being missed and RNG horizontal recoil are the worst offenders imo.

@peshawar u missed the point lol

  • I agree with OP

Uhmmmmm..... Did nobody get my point? I mean the recoil of your gun increases when your character is suppressed, not when your gun is suppressed.

@l1ttel_y Literally one person misunderstood.

Also, does it actually? I just figured it would be sway that increases and not recoil as well.

@l1ttel_y Under more stress. Concentrating less on shooting and more on not dying. Desperate to squeeze rounds off, this is panic. Your heart is pounding and adrenaline is through the roof and because of that your muscles are shaking. Yeah you wont be as accurate as if no one was shooting at you.

@plppln but wouldn’t getting shot at make you panic anyways?

Why punish the player for trying to fire back and make him even more inaccurate in a pressured situation?

EDIT: Essentially I feel that’s the player’s job to react in a panic. The game’s job should be to make you panic.

In a game like Red Orchestra, I’d understand but this isn’t that. It’s not a milsim or a realistic sim of battle. It’s supposed to be somewhere inbetween arcade and realism. I feel this is one of those mechanics that shouldn’t really be in the game. Or if it is, to limit it as much as possible, so you still feel it but it’s not drastic.

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I have to strongly disagree with the OP here. That increase in recoil simulates an important aspect of suppression, the stress and fear of being under continued fire, which makes it virtually impossible for the group or individual being suppressed to fire back.

It's also part of the reason suppression is so important. The purpose of suppression isn't to kill the enemy (which is more of a bonus in such cases), but rather to deny the enemy's ability to return fire (or really do anything else for that matter). If you are capable of returning fire under suppression just as easily as if you were not suppressed, then the very reason for using suppression is lost.

There's no such thing as breaking out of suppression. You'll virtually never hear of a pinned down group or person getting out of suppression on their own; the source of the suppression has to either be removed by someone who isn't suppressed, or has to be circumvented by finding a covered path out of the suppressed area.

The only actual method for a suppressed group to somehow break the suppression on their own is the (horribly impractical and largely wasteful) human wave. Something that is eminently unsuited for modern combat and a practical impossibility within the game (since you require numbers at least in the triple digits to even think of pulling that off).

As for knowing what recoil will be in the next fight; that part comes from knowing your weapon. Once you're no longer suppressed, your recoil is back to what is usually is.

@mr-rain As a player if you are getting into situations which are making you panic you need to rethink how you are playing.

That’s not what I meant and you know that.
But besides that, I’m no camping ho that waits for people to round corners.

The atmosphere itself should make you shook. Gunfire, dust flying, etc.

In a moment where you’re playing CQC, you need every bit of accuracy to fire back. Not being able to control your gun in a situation like this is a death wish.
I can still adjust, but it’s really annoying trying to shoot back and whoops my gun doesn’t want to work now, oh well guess I’m dead!

@mr-rain Then dont put yourself in those situations.

@mr-rain And no, what youre saying is. I dont like x mechanic because I cannot compensate for it, and thus it is a bad mechanic.

I don't care about the "realism" reasons some people bring in.

To me this is strictly speaking a (good) Gameplay Mechanic for the game. It is punishing a player that most likely made a mistake, while it is not completely unbalanced. If you would not have this effect you could just speed peak out if door and window frame, while you are getting shot at.

@plppln said in Why increase recoil when being suppressed?:

@mr-rain Then dont put yourself in those situations.

Have you played the original Insurgency? The game is all about those situations. It’s not a matter of “don’t play this way” it was more like “this is the only way”.

You’re gonna get shot at in a shooter I don’t care who you are. Being visually impared is fine and I feel does a good job at limiting your visual and what you can see, rather than the game shaking your gun around.

Play a few rounds of Firefight because the way you’re talking, you’re either sniping or hiding in a corner.

Its part of being suppressed. Of course your recoil is going to be higher! To think or suggest otherwise is just outright stupid.

@plppln why should weapon change its characteristics based on how character you play is feeling ? 🙂
I`d understand blurred vision, vignete effect or other visual effects, even shakiness or sway, but absolutely not random effect on mechanical function of a gun.

@n4thani3l said in Why increase recoil when being suppressed?:

@plppln why should weapon change its characteristics based on how character you play is feeling ? 🙂
I`d understand blurred vision, vignete effect or other visual effects, even shakiness or sway, but absolutely not random effect on mechanical function of a gun.

I would argue that it is not the way the gun works, but it is the way your character is able to deal with the existing recoil.

@mefirst I though about that that way first but than Im dealing with the recoil with my mouse movement. My character is not compensating for recoil in normal situations so I dont see why he should start to be considered when under suppression
That is why I think difficulties coming with being under fire should be represented mostly visualy or with something I`m not directly affecting by my cotrols .. sway, shaking, etc ..Something like SQUAD or Arma 3 are doing .. you can still fire back, but you damn dont wanna stick your head out of cover 🙂

If you are being shoot at (in game) you still might have worse recoil control with your mouse or worse aim due stress or trying to act too fast. Or not if you are calm .. and that is how it is supposed to be in my opinion 🙂

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@l1ttel_y I did a little testing with this, and being fully suppressed seems to increase recoil by 50%. Fifty fucking percent.

In Ins2014, you played out what your character could do. In Sandstorm, it seems like your character has a mind of his own, which makes for some shit mechanics IMO.

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