Game crashes after company splash screens
I have recently built a new PC, and since then Blood Bowl 2 keeps crashing after the company splash screens. The loading screen shows up, but after a few seconds the game crashes every time.

Crash dump
log file

are attached.
So far I have tried everything I could find in the Steam forums (run as admin, updating drivers, specifically run in DX mode, etc.), but sadly nothing has helped so far.

Thank you for looking into it! Can't wait to start a new league soon 🙂

Are you using a Nvidia Card? I Got a RTX 2070 and constantly crash on loading into games! Newest Drivers seem to not like Blood Bowl!
@eaj said in game crashes at startup:

I rolled back to Nvidia drivers 416.91. This seems to alleviate the crashing. I had updated to 418.91 and Windows update had previously updated the drivers to 418.81 seemingly which is when the crashing started. I had to look at windows update history to see it had installed new graphics card drivers.

hi, yes i have an RTX 2060. i will try the driver rollback once i am home. thanks!

I just found out that reverting to a previous driver isn't a very favorable solution, since this would cause problems with other games I am frequently playing. And switching back and forth between driver versions is a bit too much work for lazy me.

Maybe someone of the support team can have a look at the files I sent, and check if there is a simpler solution to the issue. Would be much appreciated!

If you don't want to rollback your drivers, you will most likely have to wait, until NVIDIA releases a driver that works with Blood Bowl! I feel your pain, have been waiting to play again since 2 weeks, and also don't want to rollback my drivers, because of worse performance in other games!

If I remember correctly, I think the game already crashed before I updated my drivers. I'm not 100% sure, but even before the mid february nvidia driver updates, my game crashed already.

Not sure if this helps, but I would love to hear back from the support team!

So, a new nvidia driver has been released yesterday. I installed it, and started BB2. This time I made it to the menu, but as soon as I started a match, the game crashed during the loading screen.

And this keeps happening. I can look through all the menus, I get to the Inducements screen, but starting a match always crashes the game on the loading screen. 😞

It's been a week, and there was a nvidia driver update inbetween, but sadly the game still crashes 100% of the time. Either directly on the first loading screen after the GW logo, or on the loading screen when trying to enter a match.

Is there any other way to contact Support? Do you need more information, crashlogs, dxdiags?

Did anyone else figure out a way to get the game working again? I tried to get my BB fix with the 2010 legendary edition, but it's a bit rough on the edges after you got used to BB2 😉

A quick message from the support team would be much appreciated.

Newest Driver from 5.3.2019 fixed the crashes for me!

i have the same problem however, i tried with the newest and the oldest drivers and it stil doesnt work

Same for me! Thanks for the headsup 🙂

FYI what fixed the crashing issue for me was removing the user file folder (the Blood Bowl 2 one in the documents folder for Windows users) and allowing Steam to recreate it. Apparently those files can easily get corrupted.

I am trying to play Blood Bowl 2 atm and having thee same issue.

The game loads and either crashes after the company splash screen OR the visual will freeze while everything still functions in the background behind the frozen menu scene.

It is impossible to start a game or even view a roster.

Does anyone have any fixes for this...?? I can not be the only one.

Having the same issue: crashes after title screen.. what can we do?