Is there any way to report players who TK just to grief? I mean I couldn't even shoot them back they became invincible. Seems pretty dumb if there's not.

Hi @Sagray475 !
If it's okay with you, we can directly exchange about it through private messages. Would you mind describing what happened and providing (if you can) screenshots or videos ?

I'm surprised that there is still no reporting or punishment system in the game after the update. Literally ppl can just leave competitive games without any penalty, team killers are still invincible. Same bs is still happening - some guy starts team killing and as soon as I shoot back I die because he is immortal and all dmg is reflected back to me. Note even talking about griefing, racism, hate speech and generally toxic players. There is no way with dealing with this. Like, how can you even make a competitive game without adding a solid reporting system?? Even if all the reports would get deleted instantly it would give some closure when you get team killed and abused verbally. Now you just have to sit there and take it. Feels like I have to stock up on vasiline just so getting f-d over in this game doesn't hurt that much.

@sad_panda Pretty sure this is a leaver penalty for comp but it's a little buggy in the current state.