Realistic Gameplay Feedbacks

I recently decided to switch from insurgency 1 to the sand storm and I really like how realistic this game feels which could only be compared to games like Arma.
Anyways I created this post so gamers can come out with any suggestions they have on how to make it even more realistic (I don't know if there is a place for these stuff as if there is please do inform me about it).

As for myself I would like to see kicking doors to stun people and drop them down except of killing them instantly. A simple animation of falling and standing would do better than just laying dead after you take a door to your face. This way the player needs a few seconds to clear the knock over guy giving other hostiles in the room time to react.

not to be mean, but "dying" in games only means you are incapacitated... if you got a door kicked off its hinges and it slammed down on you, you'd have some broken bones or a good concussion... "dead" is likely the way to put it.