Missiles v. Macros

What is the difference between missiles and macros?

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What is the difference between missiles and macros?

Are you referring to the Kroot's missiles vs Macrocannons?

Chaos wide use missiles turrets too. As far as I know, missile towers can be equated to macro-towers.

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Unless missiles refers to Tau seeking missiles which are working like torpedoes but with homing effect, macros and missiles weaponry are the same thing (aka accuracy + armor mitigated) only different name. Lances(zaps/gauss/ion...) are the other family of standard weaponry with 100% accuracy and armor penetration

missiles and eldar macros have extra accuracy agains moving targets. they follow them.

missiles are macros you cant dodge
macros have a hitchanse, if they roll a miss they miss, but if they roll to hit and you boost out of the way they still miss
missiles have tracking, if they roll to hit they hit, no dodging possible