A few bugs/glitches I've noticed
1- Trowing grenades through small windows or apertures in buildings is not possible. This should be fixed.
Seems the only way to get a grenade in a room is through a regularly sized window or door but the smaller ones are blocked by an invisible asset.
2- Sometimes after taking an objective in Coop, shooting or switching weapons gets locked. this happens for all players alive at the moment and gets you killed.
3- Auto deployment of the bipod while prone is woefully inconsistent. Sometimes it does it right away and sometimes it takes about 10 seconds or more.
4- I have noticed popping assets ( vests, armor, backpacks) momentarily at the spot where an enemy was killed. I believe the assets pop into view for a fraction of a second as said killed player or bot respawns. this is extremely common, at least for me.
5- The RPGs are still hitting assets when aiming them close to a door frame or window frame.
6- Molotovs still create a small flame that blocks the view of a player and only goes away after a new map starts. seems to happen if you move after having lit the bottle on fire but before you've thrown it. I created another post with more info on this.