Nids claws build

Am I the only one finding the nids claw build totally broken right now in the bêta?

I'm very surprised nobody made a post about it already. 90% of the nids player are using the same build. It took 3 days for most of the people to understand how ridiculously stronk this is right now.

You can't outrun them (double dash is the worst idea ever), you can't even stay at range in fact. They gonna be in your face sooner or later and once donne you can't just outbrawl them. Collision are awfull, ships in contact are stuck you have no way to disengage and their dps with claw is just?

Have Tindalos some data already about the bêta? Can you see what's the win % of the tyranids currently?

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the boost is a little bit bugged, you move 5000 units of distance instead of 4000 + 2 seconds of base movement speed. nevertheless, you can increase the distance with AAF with a 160 speed ship for 8000 units of distance compared to a 160 speed nid ship, which means (if the boost range is fixed), that their movement speed is pretty well balanced against AAF factions. the movement gauge has a 5 second longer CD than the nid boost, if you take regeneration all combustion points as the AAF CD.

nids can close the distance (as they are supposed to be able) but you can avoid all claw ramming with 160 speed ships safely, if you can spot them at 2/3 of your scanning range / keep them at 9000 range. if they burn their second burst, you have 90 seconds of freedom to engage them at +4500 distances, which is more than enough time to kill one BC of five (you need 20dps against 67 armor to pull that off. brawler builds should be over 30dps against 67 armor at 9000k range).

tentacle play gives you some more options, but even if you lose one of six ships in the initial engagement, you have plenty enough firepower with a brawler build to keep up and it is not like you can't pick skills and upgrades to punish claw nids.

faster ships have an easier time to deal with them. crons can kite forever, chaos gets a lot more distance out of AAF and their basic movement, eldar have such high dps and mobility to be at a big advantage against a ramming fleet and only merchant tau have to spot them really early away from their line ships to have a chance to keep up.

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nids also have enhanced jump which literally clears the counter and allows another jump... hence that 5000 units becomes 10000 which is absolutely retarded

thats why I compared it to 8.000 extra movement for a 160 speed ship from AAF.

I just played nids for 3 hours.

I did played nid a couple weeks agos I just tried random stuff in the old 2vs2. The race just didn't appeal to me so I switched. I have basicaly no expérience with this army befor today.

I lost a couple games due to bad micro / stupid mistakes on my part. And once I knew what I need to do I just make a 8 games winstreak. I manage 66% win for thoses 3 hours. This is ridiculous. It require no skill at all (not exactly but you can learn the skills needed is less than 10 games). You just rush with double dash. I didn't tried to be smart or anything else. You just have to be carefull at the beginning to not being revealed to early that's all. Fighters give you vision and protect you from scouting fighters of the other side.

It's way to easy to close the gap. Even when you're short or when you chase Eldars you can't always ram but you don't care because you can in most cases board them anyway. And for a fast fleet it's death sentence since you can't just go call to arms and slow down your boarded ships.

And when you manage to ram, my god it's ridiculous. The damage is way to high. This game pace is rather slow most of the time you can react. Not in this case, you're just toast. And after a few rams I can just instant root everything.

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i think it's also worth mentioning how fudged it is that nids take absolutely no damage whatsoever when ramming. it's kinda insane cuz they can just ram double dash then ram again without having their health touched at all. feel like claws aught to just mitigate the damage by some percentage, not remove it entirely. i know double dash was meant as a way to get out of those annoying lockdown situations against dark eldar etc. where you are just stuck getting shot to bits but like, there's got to have been some other way to prevent this particular scenario. the inability to maneuver out of em seemed to be what kept nids out of top leagues, but double dash combined with no damage claws is just painful.

I think they should do less damage too. I’ve played a bit more and win all games so far. It’s a bit harder with the 4k rush but it doesn’t change much. You can still very easily board Eldars and ruine their game just like that.

Either it must be harder to pull off and you don’t change the dmg or if it stay this way and ramming/claw should do less dmg and or shouldn’t be immune to dmg. You could give a longer cd to the reset that way if you over commit you could get punished. It’s not even the case right now.

In comparison ramming with IN is a lot harder but do a lot less dmg. You have torps and gun but with the nids you get launcher more speed and concealment.