Option To Mute Characters/Announcers

I would really love the option to mute characters/announcers in casual modes.

Just footsteps and gunfire please.

Doubt that is going to happen, since this is a game mechanic with some intentions. You can actually bait the other player model to make sounds to give away his general position. If you suppress a position, enemies that are nearby will shout out something. I think the same applies when you Insult and a enemy players is close too.

In Push/Versus/Skirmish yes. In competitive, I believe that’s all turned off.

So I’d rather have the option to keep it off for every game mode. A lot of it tends to get in the way for me. Bunch of chatter boxes these characters can be sometimes.

I agree, I get that the devs have a purpose for it for as mentioned (locating the enemy) and to create a frantic atmosphere but the call outs are just too often, too repetitive, and TOO LOUD. Can we at least have the ability to turn our radios down a bit?

Yes I know they are taking B, I can see it flashing and you have told me 20 times already!

I have lost count of the number of times I have died right at the exact moment of getting "I am taking B" screamed in my ear.

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this all seems awfully exaggerated.

Well obviously not 20 times, maybe 5-10 worse case. Just trying to make a point of how frustrating that game dynamic can be when trying to listen for footsteps or when you first enter an objective.

Hopefully it gets toned down a bit with the update.

What is your opinion? Do you think the call outs are fine as they are?

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While I personally usually hate everything that takes away control from me as a player, I think they are fine. I would wish you could give better callouts on purpose. Like assigning a key for a special voice command.


YES please. Its several sounds that is not heard by enemy only team, those could be turned of to minimize confusion and are also redundant for me.

agreed. It’s kinda hard to hear WHERE on Charlie the enemy is at when I have a guy yelling in my ear saying “THEY’RE TAKING CHARLIE!”

If you’re going to play competitive, it’s best to not get used to all these (typically) uneeded callouts that higher skilled players don’t rely on.

The only way to do that right now is grind competitive, or play casual matches with the game on mute.