So my headset mic isn't working. I've tried looking for solutions, but nothing works.

I have an Arctis Pro Wireless Headset. It works on everything besides this, even on the Steam Overlay mic test when playing Insurgency Sandstorm. I can only assume that this is a problem with the game, because it works on literally anything else and the in-game audio settings are frankly crap.

I've tried:

-Disabling/Enabling the arctis pro as the communications device in windows sound settings.

-Changing the "Voice Input/Output" devices in the Steam Chat Overlay from "Default", "Communications Device", and "Headset Microphone (Arctis Pro Wireless Chat) (1038:1294)". All of these settings worked with the Steam Overlay mic test. None work in game.

-Changing between "Push to talk", "Push to mute", and "Open Microphone".

-Disabling all recording/playback devices in windows sound settings except for my headset.

Can someone throw me a bone here, what the hell am I doing wrong, cause I'm constantly hearing other people talk in game, so I know it's possible for it to work.