hey so far in my game play in beta come across few weird thing..
1.ship that become drifting hulk after re crewed just randomly scuttles them self
2.ork fighter plane damage to hull is suddenly rather overwhelming.
3.vanishing models of ships after micro jump.
4.game crash after using more then 1 new nova cannon shoot or in combo.
4.mass of ork carrier battleships surprisingly chew way to fast hulls(its becoming even more broken in 2v2 when orks players use same setup - 3x drednot urk unki =3x 5 hangars =15 x2(other ork)=30...it would be ok if other races got some counter for that(except necron duh)

and few suggestion
1.make tyranid ships whit claw take damage from ship with praw lance/spur from front - of course reduced but still some damage - let us have proper close combat in space.
2.revisit imperial navy hangar/wing at grand cruisers and battle ships - imo currently they are not competitive at all and price just shoot them down at higher rank games.
personal suggestion - rise hangar strength on emperor and exorcist from 4 to 5, and oberon from 2 to 4. chaos might also use some wing buff)
3.star pulse - while skill it self is ok the thing that it can ("skill shoot") any torpedo/air attack with one go is imo to much.
personal suggestion - instead of dealing to torp and wings instant delete give -50% hp on them so nec would need 2 solar pulses to wipe out squadrons/torps - making easier for necron fighters/aaa to defend.
4.add cast time on various offensive/defensive vortex skills.
5.make repair ability to extinguish 5 fires at once instead of all 10.
6.ships with "sensor" attribute increase minimal detection range by 4500units.
7.new skills please! few ideas:

  • ace pilots -increase damage of fighter wings by 50%
    -elite bodyguards - decrees boarding damage by -1 or -2
    -inquisitor - grants immunity to morale lose for flagship
    -engineers/expert crew - reduce cool down of command skill -25%
    -extra supply - grants additional charge for torp/wing/nova skills.

and of coarse things like replays,in game chat/friend list, saving fleet setup/ported changes after game.