Reactive Hull Shift needs a buff

Reactive Hull Shift is a stance that is practically useless in real terms, and the crew regen that it provides in the patch is negligible at best.

IMO, the stance should get a slight increase to regeneration, or make the ship harder to kill (phased out to avoid damage), along with a reduction to the cooldown on inertialess drive or stealth when out of sight.

This would make the Reactive Hull Shift stance much more viable and a legitimate option for when trying to keep your ships alive and get them out of bad engagements. It would also fit in with the lore of Necron ships actually being able to just phase out and avoid bad engagements.

im not sure what you think it does but it already does the regen buff

Reactive hull is already a good stance in small skirmishes or if you can retreat your ship to let him recover.
Problem is those conditions are rarely met. Due to crits, you can rarely phase out your damaged ships or your ships are focused fires by AP things and are melting to fast for reactive hull to be useful.

As a buff, I would change the +2HP regen by :
Necron yellow damaged system are repaired every 40 sec (instead of basic 60).
Every 60 secs a red system becomes yellow (so pyramidal is a bit less mandatory)
Armor cannot drop below 67 (better resistance to AP ammo)

nah, crons are close to overpowered in the current beta patch with the nerfs to AP. recall and pyramidal reconstruction let you ignore a lot of faction weaknesses and reactive hull with the cloud upgrade gives you 4 hull back at the cost of only one hull.

you run with reload anyway to fight against shielded enemies, switching to reactive hull only after a long distance recall to heal up between fights. any buffs to reactive hull, would only mean that healing between fights is even easier.

This stance gets used every game right after mass recall. It has plenty of value in its current form.

Necrons regenerate 1 hitpoint each second and lose 1 max hullpoint each second, so if you have a hull of 1000 points and suffer 100 points of damage, you regenerate 50 points and lose 50 of max hull, so you have 950 HP. You regenerate 50% of the damage you've taken in 50 seconds. With this stance you increase this 50% regeneration to 66%(+16%), 900 + 66 HP in 33 secs; 2 reg points 1 max lose. If you add Residual Absorbtion you get 75% (+9%), 900 + 75 HP in 25 secs; 3 reg points 1 max lose. For example, 500 damage brings back 330 Hitpoints in 165 seconds with this stance and without 250 Hitpoints in 250 seconds. So to be honest 16% isn't that great, because time is something you don't have and there are better and more usefull stances for multiplayer like +40% reload speed or attack multiple targets instead.

TL;DR this stance is useless in MP.

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I feel like Necrons could have a niche as the tankiest faction in the game. I think buffing their ability to shrug off damage and criticals could be really interesting actually. As it stands yeah, I don't really see any reason to play them over any other faction.