Stealth bug?

Is this a bug or some mechanic Im not familiar with?

Picture #1: escort in nebula is detected. It is not marked, there is no probe nearby and there are no hidden escorts scanning me out (I've even scanned around to make sure as you can see on CD). Still, it is seen despite standing in nebula AND running silent while being outside detection range. In this same cloud my flagship died because it could not restealth earlier.
alt text

Picture #2: Couldn't hide in any asteroid clouds. I stopped for 5 seconds in each asteroid on the map. Again, no probe nearby or marking escorts on me.
alt text

Both matches had augur probes that have latched onto one of my ships, however they've long expired by the time I took screenshots. This has ruined 3 games for me in a row because I slowly got lanced to death by chaos. If I'm being a dummy and missing something please point it out.

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I've actually noticed this happenning with enemy necron's escorts. They were in running silent mode and very far away from scanning or even detection range. They could be seen anyway. It was near the end of the match.

I have somthing like this in company. Both escorts and line ships.

Is there going to be any response from the devs? This is multiplayer, not campaign.

i have reported this bug a few times already
havnt seen it happen in beta so it might be fixed
will try to force it today to make sure, but seems it happens less atleast

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