Hey guys.

I'm here since the very first technical alpha. i'm no going to write down all the issues that you have already known.
To be honest ,playing this game is a struggle. However when the game was free ,and there were 40-50 people in each round ,the full game has changed, and with a big fat spliff you forget about every fuckin annoying bugs and glitches and etc, and the game finally was quiet enjoyable. Nowadays the usual player number is about 7. And from that 7, 3 of them are my friends. Maybe if you would make the game for free for a longer period ,and you keep progressing with the developing, maybe the game will rise up and some people might buy it.

Post Script: If you can please explain me the next phenomenon. In the past half year, the game automatically selected the Eu servers with the lowest ping around 30-40 ms. So it worked correctly. Since yesterday the game automatically select the NA server with ping around 180 ms. So WHY? You may be gonna be laugh ,but this why i decided to write you. That really fokin weird and ununderstandable, and if you don't explain that to me i'might wont be able to sleep for days.

Kind Regards