Stats not recording correctly (playtime, etc..)

So the stats in the profile page don't seem to record properly.

First of all Steam shows that I have played for 30 hours. Yet the stats page shows I have played for less than 8 hours. And just now I played a round that lasted 14:57 minutes but after the round only 4 minutes were added to my playtime (from 7h53min to 7h57min). What's up with that?

The other issue is with the captured objectives. I always aim for objective and only play Firefight. All matches consist of at least 2 or 3 objective captures, sometimes more. Yet my stats after the round always show career average of 0,57. The Objectives-per-match number has not changed in weeks despite constant capturing.

And lastly, in Profile > Stats it shows zero(0) kills for short-, medium-, long range, melee and grenade kills. And I am quite sure my kills should classify as one of those.

Edit: The problem still exists after the patch.

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The problem still persists after the patch.

Same problem here. I don't care too much about stats, but my competitive stats are totally wrong.