Patches and Bandanas instead of tatoos

I'm not here to say get rid of tatoos, But I'd like to see shoulder and head patches (similar unit emblems) for Sec team and bandanas or arm band for Ins team for beta testers or other cosmetics. I think it would be better than tattoos since they don't show when you have long sleeves and doesn't even show very well even when you have short sleeves.

Here are some examples:



P.S. Also, this photo reminds me that you guys really need to fix up the factory dispensed barrettes into proper folded up ones like in the photo.

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@io543 Love the middle photo! Like my terrorists to look very terroristy.. 😂

@planetcanada Like to make mine look like a dude who may or may not serve in another military out to fight against the west... #LittleGreenMen

But yeah, prefer the PMC look to 'standard terrorist' look.

As for bands, patches and insignia etc I prefer this to tattoos.